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This is our School of Occupational Training where Apprenticeships, Learnerships and Skills Programmes are offered. Also located in Southernwood the campus adjacent to the St Marks Campus.

Programmes offered at King Street Campus

National Skill Fund ( NSF Project )

Automotive Repair and Maintenance



Motor Mechanic

Wholesale and Retail Operations

Water and water waste Treatment

Water Reticulation services

End User computing

General Security Practice

Sports coaching

Accounting Technician

Fibre Processing and Manufacturing ( FP & M SETA)

Furniture Making

Health and Wealth (HWSETA)

Fitting and Turning



Education Training and Development Practices ( ETDP-SETA) ·

Early childhood Development

Wholesale and Retail SETA

Wholesale and Retail Operations

Students need to seek for their own accommodation as there are no campus accommodation facilities.