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About Us

D R Singh

Welcome to Buffalo City College

I am pleased to welcome you to Buffalo City TVET College (BCC). Our business is the provision of Vocational Education and Training. Students studying at BCC gain practical and theory career directed skills. This is to prepare them for the world of work or further education and training at Universities. In the provision of Technical Vocational Education and Training BCC does not compromise on quality, compliance and good governance.

Buffalo City Public TVET College (BCC), based in East London, is a multi-campus college that has three campuses namely: East London Campus, John Knox Bokwe Campus and St Marks Campus, as well as the King Street Site and an Administration Centre.

Mr P M Mawila
Acting Principal: Buffalo City TVET College

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

A leading Innovative Technical, Vocational Education and Training Institution.

Our Mission

To provide quality vocational education and occupational training to reduce the lack of skills, unemployment, poverty and inequality in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

Our History

Buffalo City TVET College was established in 2002, as a result of the merger of three colleges situated in the Greater East London area i.e. East London College and its St Marks Campus, Border Technical College and John Knox Bokwe Careers
College in Mdantsane.

Soon after the merger, the Council closed the Border Technical College premises and absorbed its Business Studies programmes into East London Campus and its Engineering Division into St Marks Campus. John Knox Bokwe Campus continued to offer both Business and Engineering Studies Report 191 programmes. At that point the College had an average full-time equivalent (FTE) of between 4500 and 5200 students.

Our Values


Our Mandate

Our Mandate


The Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic and any law or conduct inconsistent with the constitution is invalid; the obligations imposed by the constitution must be fulfilled. All citizens are equally entitled to the rights, privileges and benefits of citizenship and, equally, subject to the duties and responsibilities of citizenship. Section 29(1) of the Constitution states that everyone has a right to a basic education, including adult basic education and further education, which the State, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible. Sub-section 2 states that everyone has the right to receive education in the official language or languages of their choice in public educational institutions, where that education is reasonably practicable.


The Continuing and Further Education and Training (CET) Act, No 16 of 2016 and as amended, provides for Buffalo City TVET College to operate as a public TVET college under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. Further sets of legislation that impact on the TVET colleges sector and its strategic and national imperatives are listed below:

In addition, the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training mandates delivery and strategic priorities in the TVET colleges sector. Other policy mandates include:

  • National Norms and Standards for funding TVET Colleges;
  • National Trade Testing Regulations
  • National Skills Development Plan
  • Public TVET College Attendance and Punctuality Policy
  • Policy on the Conduct of National Examinations and Assessment
  • Workplace Based Learning Programme Agreement Regulations
  • SETA Grant Regulations